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Valentine’s Day made easy, romantic and budget friendly!

Valentine's day has rolled over yet again.  After the last year we had, anything to celebrate is welcome.   The last year has taught us to be financially conscious.   People lost jobs and businesses shut down.   Not to mention that COVID-19 is still looming, and many restaurants are closed or on limited capacity.   What is a couple to do? Here are some easy ideas on how to make your Valentine’s day celebration romantic all while not breaking the bank.   Gifts for her: Single Rose.   Flowers are part of the essence of Valentine’s day.    And most women do love flowers.   Instead of a big bouquet, buy a beautiful, high quality long stem rose. It is beautiful and she will enjoy it.   Alternatively, a live flower plant like an orchid would also serve the purpose.             Orchids will last a lot longer and they are beautiful and will cost you less than a bouquet of flowers at a florist.   Jewelry :   I am a big proponent of real jewelry.   Nevertheless, since we wan t to keep

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